Since 1952
Since 1952

Fresh Homemade Apple Cider

Rulfs cider is 100% apples and nothing else. It’s a customer favorite because it has that old fashioned flavor you know and love! Our cider is made from apples grown here on our farm in Peru, NY.

We UV treat our cider, which means we expose it to UV light, killing any harmful bacteria. This is a non-thermal process (unlike pasteurization).

Cider is available from the end of August through May or June, depending on availability of apples. 

- $6.50 a gallon
- $3.75 per 1/2 gallon
- $2.75 per quart
- $1.75 per pint

If you want to fill your own pail (5 gallon, etc) you are welcome to, but we ask that you drop the container off with us and pick it up after the cider is pressed. Please call ahead and schedule a time (518-643-8636). Our cider schedule varies based on the time of year!