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News & Updates

NEW: Rulfs Photography Policy

February 27, 2024

Spring is coming and Rulfs Orchard is a popular location for photography during this time. We are so appreciative! However, we have recently begun a new photography policy for commercial and professional photographers and their clients.

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Holiday Decorations Available Now!

November 27, 2023

Now Thanksgiving is over, we're all-in for getting excited for the holiday season! Rulfs has trees and wreaths available NOW while supplies last.

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HIRING ➡ Sales Associates (Full or Part time)

March 20, 2023

Come join our retail store staff! We're looking for people to become part of the Rulfs team. Students with a strong work ethic are encouraged to apply - we are willing to work around school schedules! 🙂

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We Are Hiring! ➡ Full-Time General Laborer/Delivery Driver

February 27, 2023

Come join our team! We are excited to be looking for a new team member. Could you or someone you know be a good fit as our new Full-Time General Laborer/Delivery Driver? 🙂

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Pre-order Thanksgiving Pies & Bread!

November 3, 2022

We are happy to bake pies and bread for your Thanksgiving table. Give us a call at (518) 643-8636 to place your order with one of our helpful members of staff.

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Now Hiring! Full-Time Sales Associate

August 9, 2022

Hey! Could you be a good fit for the Rulfs team? We're currently accepting applications for a full-time sales associate in our retail store.

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U-Pick Field Hours Update

August 3, 2022

Blueberries are still good picking, with strawberry and raspberry season now over. Fields also now close at 3pm!

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3rd Annual Rulfs Orchard & North Country Mission of Hope Color Run/Walk 2022

May 12, 2022

We have partnered with the North Country Mission of Hope to host a 5k Color Run/Walk.

Registration for the 3rd Annual Rulfs Orchard & North Country Mission of Hope Color Run/Walk on Saturday, June 18, 2022 is now OPEN!

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The Kitchen at Rulfs Much ❤️ Needed Time Off

April 15, 2022

We are giving our kitchen staff some much needed time off! Thanks for understanding! The Kitchen @ Rulfs will be closed from Friday, April 15 - Sunday, April 24, 2022 which means we will not be serving any breakfast or lunch. Our store will still be open, it's only our kitchen that will be closed.

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Spring in Peru, NY - Greenhouses, Gardening, Fresh Produce, Bakery Goodies and More!

April 1, 2022

Springtime is so exciting here at Rulfs Orchard. The weather is teasing us with warmer days, color is starting to come back into our Peru & Plattsburgh neighborhoods, and we start planting our greenhouses! 

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Holiday Decorations Available Now!

November 22, 2021

Rulfs is excited to offer two types of Christmas trees: Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir, plus plain and decorated wreaths - available now while supplies last!

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Pumpkin Sale!

November 3, 2021

Scoop up some pumpkins in our pre-picked and truckload sale on now!

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Fall Fun at Rulfs Orchard

October 12, 2021

Rulfs loves fall! The bright cool days are perfect for exploring everything we have to offer here.

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Corn Maze & Flashlight Nights at Rulfs Orchard!

September 2, 2021

It's Corn Maze season at Rulfs Orchard! The Maze opens on September 11, 2021 and ends October 31. This year's theme is Pollinators! TWO NIGHTS ONLY - Flashlight Nights will be on October 16 & 23, 2021.

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Fresh Produce, U-Pick Green Beans & Canning Tomatoes!

August 20, 2021

We are excited to announce we have started canning tomatoes! There are limited quantities, so hurry in. U-Pick Green Beans are thriving and we have a bunch of wonderful fresh produce in the store.

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Where To Find Rulfs Sweetcorn 🌽

August 10, 2021

Can't make it to our store but still want to enjoy our delicious sweetcorn? Check out this list of local stores who stock Rulfs corn!

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Now Hiring: Full-Time General Laborer Position

July 6, 2021

Rulfs Orchard is now accepting applications for a FULL-TIME General Labor Position at our farm.

Applicants must be available between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm, most weekends are required. You must have a valid driver’s license to apply. Applications are available in our store or at our website.

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Now Hiring: Full-Time Bakery Assistant

June 10, 2021

Want to join our awesome bakery team? We're hiring!

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Catch us at the Saranac Lake Farmers' Market

June 1, 2021

Rulfs is thrilled to be back at the Farmers' Market every Saturday in Saranac Lake.

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Petting Zoo Now Open 🐴

May 26, 2021

The animals are ready to receive visitors now!

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Mother's Day Has Hit the Greenhouse

May 3, 2021

We have plenty of plants and beautiful blooms to gift mom this Mother's Day!

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Pansies from the Rulfs Greenhouse

April 6, 2021

Thinking about getting your garden started? We are bursting with pansies right now!

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Now Hiring: Greehouse & Cashiers

March 12, 2021

Join the Rulfs team! We are currently hiring for both Greenhouse Assistants and Cashiers. Could you be the right fit?

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Rulfs Quiche Now Available

February 17, 2021

More delicious dishes coming out of the Rulfs kitchen!

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Now Hiring: Full-Time General Laborer

February 15, 2021

Could you be a good fit for the Rulfs team?

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Valentine's Day Bakery Treats

February 8, 2021

Our awesome bakery staff have been extra busy recently, creating lots of delicious treats to help celebrate Valentine's Day - it's coming up soon...

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Open on Tuesdays!

February 3, 2021

We are back to regular hours for Tuesdays! Thank you for patience while we decided to close on this day temporarily.

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Introducing New Doughnut Flavors!

January 28, 2021

Riley has been busy in the bakery lately...

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New Store Hours

January 8, 2021

Due to the winter season and the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to temporarily reduce our hours for the safety of our customers and staff.

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Happy New Year from Rulfs

December 30, 2020

We close at noon on New Year's Eve, and are closed New Year's Day.

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Fresh Holiday Decorations at Rulfs

November 16, 2020

We all need the joy that the holiday season brings this year! We will be offering trees (Fraser and Balsam) and wreaths from Nov. 19, while supplies last!

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She Said Yes!

October 15, 2020

We were so honored to host this engagement at our pumpkin patch recently!

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Night Corn Maze

October 9, 2020

If you haven't experienced a corn maze at night, this is your chance, on Oct. 17 & 24.

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Open Until 5pm on Columbus Day

October 1, 2020

Rulfs Orchard is open on Columbus Day offering fall fun for the family!

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Corn Maze Open Sept 12!

September 11, 2020

We are thrilled to be able to offer the Rulfs Corn Maze this year - and there are a few changes with how to buy tickets!

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Rulfs Pie - One of the Best in the U.S.!

August 14, 2020

Rulfs Orchard apple pie named as one of the best in America!

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Cucumber

May 22, 2020

Cucumbers are an easy-to-care-for veggie that grows quickly - so long as they get consistent warmth and water. Read on for some more growing tips!

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Hot Peppers

May 20, 2020

Things are about to get heated in Veggie Bootcamp with hot pepper plants!

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Lettuce

May 17, 2020

Lettuce! It's a sun-loving, cool season crop that grows well in the spring and fall. If you find it tough to grow veggies but want to branch into fresh produce this season - lettuce is a great place to start.

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Bell Pepper

May 16, 2020

Let's take a look at Bell Peppers, and growing and harvesting these veggies that are a tasty source of Vitamin C...

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Zucchini

May 13, 2020

Zucchini is the latest addition to our Veggie Bootcamp. Learn all about growing this easy, fast-growing vegetable and pick up your zucchini starter plants today!

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Cabbage

May 11, 2020

It's time to talk cabbage in Veggie Bootcamp. Want to try growing it this season? Read on for tips and come visit our new vegetable and herb greenhouse to pick up a starter plant or two.

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Starting a Raised Bed Garden

May 8, 2020

Raised bed gardening is a fun and rewarding way to grow your own veggies at home! If you are thinking about starting a raised bed garden this year, we have some helpful information for you, plus topsoil and all the veggie starters and herbs you could want in our new Veggie House greenhouse.

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Eggplant

May 6, 2020

It's the turn of eggplant in this Veggie Bootcamp blog. Come visit our Farmers Market and take some time to browse the new Veggie House for vegetables to add to your garden this year.

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Cauliflower

May 4, 2020

Our Veggie Bootcamp continues with... cauliflower! Feeling inspired after reading? Remember to check out our new Veggie House greenhouse!

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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Broccoli

May 1, 2020

Of course broccoli is included in the veggie starters available at Rulfs! Read on for some tips and advice on growing healthy, happy broccoli in your own garden - and don't forget to check out our new Veggie House greenhouse!

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We Stand Strong!

April 1, 2020

New Yorkers stick together! Rulfs Orchard loves our Peru, NY community and we are proud to stay open to help our neighborhood and the Plattsburgh area communities through this difficult time.

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February 21, 2020

If you would like to take photos on the Rulfs property, PLEASE SEEK PERMISSION from either Shannon or Amanda first.

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Give The Gift Of Love With Flowers!

January 24, 2020

Find the perfect match in Valentine’s blooms with the help of our expert florists.

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Pick up a Cookie Platter!

January 6, 2020

Cookies for Valentine's Day! Brighten the day for your love, your office or favorite teacher with a delicious cookie platter from our bakery.

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Holiday Gifts In Store

November 25, 2019

Come browse our store and get gift-inspired this holiday season!

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Trees & Wreaths Now Available!

November 22, 2019

The holiday season is upon us! This year Rulfs is excited to offer two types of Christmas tree: Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir.

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Holiday Cookie Party With Santa!

November 18, 2019

On Saturday, December 7th, 2019 Rulfs is holding a Holiday Cookie Party - and Santa is going to be there, too!

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Fresh Cider is Back!

November 6, 2019

Come see us soon and pick up some cider!

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Truckload of Drop Apples for $50

October 28, 2019

Please stop at the store to check in first.

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October 14, 2019

Come find your perfect pumpkin! We are running wagon rides down to the fields every weekend, 10am-4pm through Halloween and also have ready-picked out on the lawn and in the greenhouse!

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Cider Now In Store!

September 30, 2019

We have fresh cider in store right now! It's 100% apples - that old fashioned taste you know and love.

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Upick Green Beans!

September 9, 2019

Come pick some green beans with us! Please stop at the store for your bag and directions. Then simply stop back in when you're done!

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U-Pick Tomatoes!

September 3, 2019

Simply check in at the store to receive your bag and directions where to pick! $20 a bushel

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U-Pick Blueberries

August 22, 2019

Our blueberry fields are no longer staffed - but you're still welcome to pick! Please stop by the store to weigh your containers, then stop back at the store once you're done picking. Field hours are 7am-3pm and blueberries are $3 per lb

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August 15, 2019

This fruit is very aromatic and has a flavor that most say is reminiscent of pineapple while retaining the texture and feel of a strawberry. We have them in stock for a limited time!

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