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U-Pick Strawberries

2024 season BEGINS 06/12 - may be a short season so visit soon!

Visiting a berry picking farm is a fun way to spend time with family and friends, all while getting your hands on some delicious fruit grown right here at Rulfs!


The season of pick your own strawberries generally starts around late June and lasts as long as the berries do! Mother Nature is the one in charge - so the weather can always change and keep us on our toes! A warm winter for example, can make strawberries ready earlier than normal, and a very rainy spring can push the harvest back, as the berries need lots of sun to ripen.

For the best u-pick strawberries, we advise coming to our fields as soon you can after we announce they are open. Not sure how to find out? If in doubt it’s always best to check here, our Facebook page, or give us a call in the store to get the latest news on availability and conditions.

How to u-pick strawberries at Rulfs

Our strawberry fields will be open and staffed starting 06/12, from 7AM-3PM until 06/20. Then 7AM-5PM starting 6/21, during the strawberry season. Please park in the designated areas and make your way down to the fields as marked.

You are welcome to bring your own containers or buy one of our quart baskets!

Please respect the Rulfs property, our employees, and the rules for u-pick - we want everyone to enjoy their berry picking experience with us and stay safe!

Note: To protect the integrity of the food we grow, please leave your dogs at home when planning to berry pick at Rulfs.


  • Pick your own strawberries are $4.00/lb. Weight is rounded to the nearest 1/2 lb.
  • Fresh in store strawberries are $8.00 per quart.

(An average quart basket of berries is about 1-1.25 lbs).

Strawberry picking tips

How you plan to use your freshly picked strawberries can influence the best time of day that you should visit us. Want to eat or use them right away? Great! Pick any time of day! If they are likely not to be used for a couple of days, you should consider picking during the cooler part of the morning or on cloudy days. Remember: picking strawberries on hot, sunny days will result in them softening/spoiling quicker.

Whether you’re a first time visitor to pick your own, or a seasoned u-picker, here are some guidelines on how to best get that berry off the plant and into your hand:

  1. Hold the stem of the strawberry between your thumbnail and index finger at about half an inch above the berry, while holding the fruit in your palm.
  2. Sever the stem with pressure from your thumbnail while gently twisting the stem.
  3. Allow strawberry to roll down into your palm.
  4. Repeat step three until both hands are full of strawberries!
  5. Gently place your handfuls of picked strawberries into your chosen container. Don’t press the strawberries or heap them over five inches.
TIP: Strawberries are definitely best enjoyed the day you pick them or one day after. If you don’t plan on eating your berries the same day or within the next day, plan on freezing or canning them!

We can’t wait to see you for strawberry picking! If you have questions, give us a call... 518-643-8636