Since 1952
Since 1952


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In 1985, the Rulfs Orchard dream began with one small wooden greenhouse. Another greenhouse was built and from that point on, the Rulfs "seed" grew. We now have seven greenhouses, including our show house, which contains a display of all of our annuals. By the first week of May, all of our greenhouses will be full of color - just in time for Mother’s Day!

All of the plants grown in our greenhouses start from a seed or plug. Our team begins planting towards the end of February and continues through May. We plant a variety of six packs, 4 ½ inch pots, 6 inch pots, hanging baskets, patio pots, window boxes, perennials, and mums.

We are a certified Proven Winner Source and also have a vast assortment of perennials zoned for the area. Shrubs and trees from May until November, including apple trees, fruit trees, and berry bushes. We can even order saplings for you, if you don’t see it in our greenhouses. Talk to us in April and let’s talk about your plans!

Our greenhouses offer a full line of vegetable plants: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers - the list goes on! Check out our greenhouse designated just for just veggie plants.

Come pay us a visit and experience the grounds and greenhouses, and simply enjoy the beauty! In the Fall, our hardy mums are ready to go in a wave of colors.

The staff at Rulfs are experienced and here to advise and help you in your gardening projects "from seed to the ending plant."

Types of plants on offer at Rulfs

In our greenhouses you will find annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies.  What we grow changes each year, but here is an idea of what we typically have:

  • 4.5” pots: Geraniums, Dracena, Vinca Vine, Sweet Potato Vine, Rex Begonias, Lysimachia Goldii, Cosmos
  • 6” pots: Geraniums, Martha Washington Geraniums, Gerber Daisies, Osteospermum, Strobilanthus Persian Shield, Dahlias
  • Six packs: Pansies, Violas, Dianthus, Ageratum, Alyssum, Impatiens, Lobelia, Portulaca, Coleus, Salvia, Stock, Begonias, Petunias, Snapdragons
  • Hanging Baskets: Geraniums, Begonias, Lophos, Proven Winner Combos, Calibrachoa, Fuschias, Petunias - Surfinia, Portulaca Pazzaz, Acalypha Chenille Firetail 
  • Other:  Mandevilla, Clematis
  • Perennials:  Achillea, Agastache, Ajuga, Alcea, Aquilegia, Aralia, Artemisia, Aruncus, Aster, Astilbe, Belamcanda, Brunnera, Buddleia, Cerastium, Cimicifuga, Clematis, Convallaria, Coreopsis, Delphinium, Dicentra, Echinacea, Euphorbia, Ferns, Gaillardia, Galium Odoratum, Gypsophila, Heliopsis, Helenium, Hemerocallis, Heuchera, Hostas, Lavender, Leucanthemum, Lupinus, Monarda, Papaver, Phlox, Polygonatum, Primula Belarina, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Salvia, Sedum, Sempervivum, Tradescantia, Yucca
  • Fall Mums 

Do you have old plastic plant containers taking up room? We can reuse or recycle them here!

Veggie House

Our new greenhouse, the Veggie House is open! In there you can find all of our veggie starters and herbs. We ask that all visitors please follow social distancing guidelines of leaving 6 feet between you and others, and, where possible, wearing masks to reduce the risk to yours and other households. Thank you in advance!

If you would rather order your veggies and herbs online, we will soon be offering them through our webstore on 48 hour pick-up.


We have mulch available for pick up or delivery in natural, cherry, black, and red. It’s just $41.95 per yard. Please call (518) 643-8636 for delivery pricing. 1/2 yard pricing also available on request.

Garden Mix

Our garden mix is chemical-free, just good old-fashioned dirt, compost, and manure made right here at Rulfs! Great for gardens! Available for pick up or delivery, $38 per yard. Please call 518-643-8636 for the cost for delivery. 1/2 yard pricing also available on request.