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Since 1952

Trees & Wreaths Now Available!

The holiday season is upon us! This year Rulfs is excited to offer two types of Christmas tree: Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir.

Want to keep your tree looking gorgeous all the way through the holidays? The most important thing is water! Once you have picked your tree and brought it home, place it in water as soon as possible. A reservoir type stand is best, but if you have to store the tree first, make sure it is in a cool location in a bucket of water.

When the tree is in pride of place in your home, check the stand daily and keep it topped up (the temperature of the water doesn't matter). Keep your tree away from major sources of heat, such as fireplaces, heaters, etc, and consider lowering the room temperature when possible, as this will slow down the drying process.

We hope you enjoy your Rulfs Orchard Christmas tree!

Tree & Wreath Pricing

Please note that our sizing range is slightly different this year, too!

Fraser Fir 3-5 ft - $32.95

Fraser Fir 7-8 ft - $54.99

Fraser Fir 9-10 ft - $89.99

Balsam Fir 3-5 ft - $26.95

Balsam Fir 7-8 ft - $46.99

Balsam Fir 9-10 ft - $75.99

Wreaths with Velvet Bow

12" - $15.50

36" - $44.95

48" - $59.95

Wreaths with Fancy Bow

12" - $21.50

36" - $51.95

48" - $69.95

Don't forget that Rulfs offers treats from our bakery as well as tons of seasonal inspiration for gift ideas in our store. We can't wait to see you.

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