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Veggie Bootcamp ➡ Lettuce

Lettuce! It's a sun-loving, cool season crop that grows well in the spring and fall. If you find it a little tough to grow veggies, lettuce is a good place to start, plus the home-grown plants will pack more Vitamin A than store bought.

Let's talk about soil. Lettuce likes loose, cool, well-drained soil and if you have added nutrients, such as Rulfs Garden Mix, even better! Work some compost in before planting the starters from the Rulfs Greenhouse to really give that earth a boost and consider additional fertilizing around 3 weeks after planting them.

Succession planting is recommended with this veggie, meaning staggering your plantings to ensure a continued harvest. This is because once it gets going, lettuce grows quickly! Space your plants close together to help the control of weeds in the bed.

These veggies have shallow roots, so it's important to keep the consistently moist from planting to harvest (moist - not soaked!). Mulch is your friend here! It'll keep in moisture, keep the ground temperature cooler and prevent weeds. If the lettuce leaves seem wilted, sprinkle with water anytime to cool them off.

When harvesting, look for lettuce that is full size, but not yet fully mature. The more mature the plant is, the more bitter the leaves taste, so the aim is to harvest when the leaves are still young, tender and sweet. Either cut the entire plant off of the base, or pluck the outer leaves, leaving the center of the plant to continue to grow. If possible, harvest in the morning as the leaves have yet to be exposed to sun.

Store in a refrigerator in a loose (not sealed) plastic bag, without washing it first. It will keep for up to 10 days.

Here are some recipes to get you started cooking with your home-grown lettuce!

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*When visiting Rulfs, including our greenhouses, please follow social distancing guidelines of leaving 6 feet between you and others and wear a mask to reduce the risk to yours and other households. Thank you in advance!

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